If you like having fun, we’ll get along. We’re the Coachella veterans, the wanderlust adventurers, and the leading tastemakers. We may not have it perfect or perfected, but we are living in the moment, celebrating life’s serendipities whether it’s with a passport in our hands or a ticket to a concert. Our community are the leaders, the entrepreneurs, the in-the-know individuals who demand style with substance. 
RAKAS started with the simple mission, to design hand-crafted pieces to prevent lost or damaged eyewear. We’ve all been there—misplaced your favorite specs when you needed them the most!
RAKAS means “love” in Finnish and each design is made with just that—locally sourced and handmade in the City of Angels with a portion of proceeds donated to SightSavers, an international 501(c)(3) charity who aims to eliminate blindness.
Go far. Spread the RAKAS everywhere you go!